Provenance tagging/tracking platform for toy collectibles



The true value of a collectible lies in the story behind its creation, and key events that accompanies the product.

However, it is not always easy for original creators or collectors to ensure that the product story gets passed along together with the physical product as time passes or if the product changes hands.

Hence, we developed PlatformXChain - a blockchain-enabled toys and collectibles provenance tool for creators to authenticate their creations, and collectors to grow their collection with an ease of mind.

How to Tag Your creation?

(Step 1)

Add SKU Information

(Step 2)

Attach the NFC tag to your product

(Step 3)

Bind product to the NFC tag

know your collectible and its origin

Simply scan the NFC tag on the product with your mobile phone.

If the product is verified, you will be able to see the original product information added by the creator, including when and where the product was made.