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  • PXC is a novel blockchain-enabled toys and collectibles e-commerce platform by Platform X Pte. Ltd. that will revolutionize the toys & collectibles trading market.

  • PXC to be officially launched on 30th April 2020 at the 8th Thailand Toy Expo alongside with CenturyFugu as its first adopter, with the release of a range of exclusive toys.

  • VeChain ToolChainTM is the data Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform which will be integrated with PXC to enable proof of authenticity and ownership provenance for all listed merchandise.

  • Arcadier will power the underlying PXC e-commerce platform with its renowned robust and scalable marketplace architecture.

  • Janio to be the logistics partner for PXC offering its cross-border e-commerce logistics solutions.

SINGAPORE 17 March 2020 – Platform X Pte. Ltd. a Singapore start-up incorporated in Feb 2020 will launch a novel VeChainThor blockchain-enabled toys and collectibles e-commerce trading platform that is set to revolutionize the toys & collectibles market.

The current method of authenticating a product is often through official retail outlets which may assure a product’s authenticity on first purchase. However, subsequent trading at value would require other means of authentication like penned signatures, receipts or certificates etc. which, while being the best methods available now, are not infallible. PXC provides a digital certificate of authenticity for verified merchandise sold on its marketplace and creates an immutable log of product provenance on VeChainThor Blockchain. This will guarantee all collectibles listed on PXC as genuine items with unique non-fungible digital attributes, ensuring their market value.

The platform serves as a marketplace for Creators and Brand owners to list their original toys & collectibles products, secure them with encrypted smart chips, enabling consumers to verify before purchase and trade PXC- authenticated products with an immutable ledger of ownership tracked on the VeChainThor public blockchain.

To date, the company has managed to gather interest from a group of prominent Creators and Brands such as CenturyFugu (Singapore), Marmit Co. (Japan), Mandarake Co. (Japan) as well as Machination Studios (Singapore) to be early adopters of the platform, with CenturyFugu being the first to launch exclusive toys with the platform.

As a start, PXC will be collaborating with CenturyFugu; a Singapore based collectible toy maker that specialises in soft vinyl figurines. This local based toy maker has received global recognition with its collaboration with Marmit Co. and with its limited edition Desu-Ultimatum collectible over the last year. All its products are designed and sculpted in Singapore and hand made in Japan. CenturyFugu will be the first adopter of PXC’s block-chain provenance system and user of the marketplace.

PXC envisages to become the leading platform in Asia for protection of intellectual property rights and value of original products for both buyers and sellers.

The company is partnering VeChain to integrate the one-stop BaaS data platform-VeChain ToolChainTM that will allow consumers to verify the authenticity of toys and track the ownership of collectibles.[YX1] The company has also partnered Arcadier Pte. Ltd. for its marketplace expertise, to ensure the robustness of the platform and its scalability for the future. The company is also intending to engage Janio Asia for its cross-border e-commerce logistics solutions for the PXC marketplace.

PXC will be officially launched on 30th April 2020 at the 8th Thailand Toy Expo as a product ownership management platform for a start, with subsequent marketplace features to be released gradually in the next few months that will scale it into a full-fledged e-commerce marketplace on both PC/Mac and Mobile platforms.

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Platform X Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore start-up that developed the blockchain-enabled toys

and collectibles e-commerce trading platform called PlatformXChain (PXC).

The platform serves as a marketplace for Creators/Brand owners to list original toys & collectibles utilizing block-chain for authentication and provenance, for Collectors obtain genuine products both first-hand and through resale trading.

PXC envisages to become the leading platform in Asia for protection of intellectual property rights and value of original products for both consumers and creators.

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Launched in 2015, VeChain aims to connect blockchain technology to the real world by providing a comprehensive governance structure, a robust economic model, and IoT integration. VeChain is the pioneer of real-world applications using public blockchain technology, with international operations in Singapore, Luxembourg, Tokyo, Shanghai, Paris, Hong Kong, and San Francisco.

Together with our strategic partners PwC and DNV GL, we have established cooperative relations with many leading enterprises in different industries, including BMW, BYD Auto, Walmart China, Haier, Brightfood Group, D.I.G, DB Schenker, PICC, etc.

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Arcadier is the world’s fastest-growing online marketplace builder and is the recognized global leader of multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace technology with users from more than 170 countries. Founded in 2013 in Singapore by senior PayPal executives, it has offices in 5 countries including Singapore (HQ), Australia, Philippines and most recently the United States and the United Kingdom. Arcadier enables Enterprises, SMBs, Governments and Start-Ups to build their own white-labelled marketplaces efficiently and cost-effectively. Arcadier’s platform supports various eCommerce models including B2B, B2C, P2P, Service & Rental, across industry verticals such as retail, consumer goods, commodities, wholesale, manufacturing and services. Recently Arcadier also launched Arcadier Enterprise to target needs of large corporations and multi-brand retail companies for their marketplace development needs.

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Janio is a cross-border logistics service provider that simplifies e-commerce deliveries in Southeast Asia. Combining technology with market knowledge, Janio provides an effective end-to-end logistics solution, including international cash-on-delivery and customs clearance, where shippers can manage international shipments on a single platform.

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CenturyFugu is a soft vinyl toy manufacturer based in Singapore that designs and sculpts its products locally and produces them in Japan. They have had worldwide success with their Desu-Ultimatum limited figure and are collaborating with world renowned soft vinyl maker, Marmit.Co.

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